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sunita asnani

movement, performance
artbased facilitation



I am a dance maker, art-based facilitator, coach and social entrepreneur with a background in adult education and social science. I live and work in Bern, Switzerland with my husband and partner Chris Lechner.


I am interested in combining social questions with artistic research. How do we create collective perspectives, cultures and identities? How does it show physically? What is beauty? How do we design ourselves and the world? How does the body think and communicate? What is the social component of dreaming? How do we create sense with our senses? 


More about my movement research in my blog.

More about art-based facilitation here.

art-based facilitaton

art-based facilitation

As one of the co-founders and members of bend-it and Effinger Services  I facilitate workshops and processes in collaboration with my husband and organizations like HKB, Swiss Institute For Global Affairs, Urbane Dörfer or La Stoll. When it comes to facilitating change, learning from the thinking processes and in art, community building or an ideation process,  we offer impulses that invite non-linear thinking and acting. Using art-based methods and activities, we create a tilted plane; this “sloping position” creates a new perspective. A field of tension between routine perception and imaginative reinterpretation, a breeding ground for creativity.


Read about art-based facilitation and our services here:


diversity & inclusion

2023-now: DEI Booster - Facilitation of Diversity & Inclusion Trainings for IT Trainers, Job Coaches and Companies at Powercoders.

2023-now:, Trainings for Organizations like Swisslife, BFF Bern, or formation-ARC.Suisse.

2022-2024, Remotecoders: transcultural coaching for intercultural teams in Switzerland // lead job coaching program for IT talents from Egypt.

2021- 2022, INSPIRIERBAR: transcultural skills for adult education, project lead process optimization, administration and communication / social media.

since 2021, Unconscious Bias: artbased Facilitation and trainings on unconscious bias. A collaboration with La Stoll.


since 2016, Powercoders: social lead, social counsel, lead job coaching, communication for a work integration program to promote equal opportunities for Swiss refugees & migrants in the Swiss IT work field.

since 2018: coach, consultant, internal and external expert for various social start ups promoting diversity & inclusion, such as Inclusion, HEKS, Studio Clash and Singa Factory.​

2017 - 2020, Effinger Coworking Space: hosting guests, administration of room rental, initiating new work offers with interdisciplinary teams (

2010 - 2016, HEKS Bern: counselor, facilitator, project co-leader of three programs offering language and social integrations courses and counseling. I was responsible for the management of around 1000 clients a year and more than 65 employees. 


Bewegte Dialoge (2024) - an interactive performance with Chris Lechner shown at Aktionstage gegen Rassismus in Lucerne.


Sonnenstille (2024) - an installation with snapshots from my movement research, captured by Geges Löwl,shown at the Artfestival of Effinger Coworking Space Bern.


Option Factory (2023) - A cinematic performance, a physical act, a concert, negotiated between 5 performers and a musician, as part of the Beta Stage Festival.


Bewegt durch die Pandemie (2022) - A dance and a concert with Anicia Kohler, performed as part of the Effinger Artfestival.


Vision Cabin (2022) - A dance. A concert. An iconoclasm. A ritual. Performed at Prozess, Bern as part of the BeTa Festival.

Out of water #2 (2021) - a resumption and further development of the piece performed in 2020. A live concert and cinematographic dance performance at Prozess, Bern.


Art-based Facilitation (2021) - an ongoing blog about art-based facilitation and real use cases.


Movement Research (2021) - an ongoing journal on my daily practice and movement research documented in a series of videos and a blog.


 #1 In your hands, #2 Projectory, #Digital Twin Pt 1, #5 Digital Twin Pt 2, #7 Blueprint (2020) - a research on movement and projection in Bern during the 2nd lockdown, documented in a series of videos and a journal.


"Out of Water"(2020) - a dance performance and live concert at Beta Festival 2020 at Prozess.

"The Tuning Research Group"(2020) - a two hours long event at the Festival Instant Composition in Zürich.

"Rare Window 2"(2020)., a performance in a small window, at Progr Bern. 

"A beginning"(2019) - a dance performance and installation in an abandoned house in the country side of Aargau.

"Blind Trio"(2019) - three dancers improvising, giving each other instructions with closed eyes, following the Tuning Scores from Lisa Nelson, at Progr Jubiläum Bern.

"Fair Fashion Show"(2019) - the catwalk as an Event that installs fashion, models and dancers in Kraftwerk Zürich.


"Cooperation vs. Collaboration"(2019) - a speech about our learnings at Brownbag, Effinger Coworking Space.

"Effinger Coworking Space 3D"(2018) - a new format of storytelling together with Matthias Tobler at the Jahrestagung iafob. We combined speech, movement, graphic design and video. 

"Table Conversations #3"(2018) at Beta Stage Festival at Effinger Coworking Space, Bern.

"Reise zum Ursprung" (2017) in a collective brought together by Oleg Kaufmann, performed at Kulturnacht Solothurn.

Canopy of Love (2017) performed in Paris, Musée Guimet, in the exposition space of Jayashree Chakravarty

"Looking Glass" und "Mon trésor" (2017) at FIM, Unternehmen Mitte Basel.

“A Brief History of Horizontality"(2016) in collaboration with Shaunak Sen at PROGR Bern.

Table conversations #2 (2016) at unwrap the present, PROGR Bern.

Glass Auge (2016) as part of our residency in Kettenreaktion ArtCampus Attisholz.

Windows 2013 at Documentary Arts Asia in Chang Mai


Table Conversations #1 (2012) in New Delhi as the opener of the contemporary dance festival IGNITE


Read about my daily movement research on my blog. 

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