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#2 Projectory

The last two weeks I had the great pleasure to work with Joana Hermes and continue the research with movement and projection with her. Joana is a student at the ZHDK and studies contemporary dance there. She is in her third year of study and is currently doing an internship with me for her studies.

Movement Research and Video

Most of the time the video the only feedback I have on my movement material. But the video already changes the material. For example, it makes it flatter (two-dimensional) and more framed. That's why I often watch the footage with music.

With the right music, more space, more depth comes in again, and I can see what I want from my material. I get an inkling of the identity of this "piece". The vignette #21 In A State by the wonderful composer and pianist Anicia Kohler gave me such an inkling. I thought it fitted perfectly with our improvisations in the 2nd video.

A basic decision we always have to make these days: is it now about making a cool video, or is it about capturing how we would like to show it live. Since I'm more interested in the development of a live performance at the moment, the recordings are to be understood as a documentation of that.

Grid and stripes - text by Joana Hermes

We are working with two projections: grids and stripes.

Our goal for the grid projection is to make the lines move in a wavy way, we call it the swimming pool effect.

So it's primarily not just about the movement itself, but what triggers the movement with or in the projection. The angle of the projector and the

placement of our bodies must be exact in order to create the swimming pool effect. At the wrong angle or distance, the desired effects do not form properly.

We have found that the swimming pool effect occurs mainly with round, slightly diagonal and slow movements. The opposite is true for stripes. Mainly pauses, linear movements and playing with the frame work.


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