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#7 Blueprint

Last Thursday we put the grid projection to rest and tried a new one: a number matrix projection. In a short time, we took an amazing number of shots, as we were immediately fascinated by the images. Our living and feeling bodies made a stark contrast to the abstract array of numerical values that migrated down at us. Joana edited a video:

Chris Lechner, dancer and choreographer - my husband - found the video as exciting as I did and I asked him what he saw in it. He said something like this:

I think we all fell in love with the green Matrix rain in the movie Matrix - that contrast of numbers and codes and their mesmerizing movement in beads, rain, streams. Analogously, we dancers oppose the mechanistic understanding of the body, in which everything is fixed and set, that life, the body is nothing but a stream of movement.

Everything is always full of movements. For a moment you see them because the body has caught them. Even the apparent stillness of the body is transformed by the use of light into something morphing, fleeting. The darkness and the projection offer a filter, an aspect through which one can see movement, the body.

I came across the term blueprint while researching the subject of the matrix and the body. In that context, blueprint means something like our divine matrix. Blaupause is also the German translation for blueprint, which is often used today in the sense of template / draft / concept. I really like the term and it's going on my list for cool titles.


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