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#22 Play - Pause - Multiply - Continue

Last month, in March, we showed a work based on a practice called "Tuning" as part of the BeTa Festival 2022 in Bern.

Vision Cabin: A dance. A concert. An iconoclasm.

The evening began in silence. Gradually, the room filled with movement, dancers warming up. The audience could hear the tasks that the dancers translated into their own movement. It was a dance that drew on what the dancers knew from their training, but also on their own private way of moving. This mixture of codes and rawness was put together before the eyes of the audience.

Little by little, the audience could hear the sounds of the musician Pascal Lüthi (not audible in this video). As the concert progressed, the fragmented sounds were gradually assembled into a richer and denser tapestry of sound.

Then followed what can be seen on the video: the dance that had begun in the actual space of the Process Bar shifted outside and was viewed by the audience through the glass windows. The dancers explored the environment directly in front of the building with their eyes closed, letting their other senses respond to the outside space to create spontaneous movement material. At the same time, they received prompts such as "pause - continue - multiply - slow motion" etc. to create moving images as in a video editing process. Dividing the glass between the dancers and the audience opened up cinematic possibilities, like sound and panoramic views, allowing a new way of observing the event.

Part of the magic of this work is how chance plays into it and allows for interpretations all its own.


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