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#6 Interviewed by Anicia

With dance, people often want to know what it meant. What was the narrative about it, the level of meaning? I love formats where people are challenged to make up their own meaning. I don't want to rub my imagination in their faces, I want them to be stimulated for their own imagination.

This is an excerpt from the interview Anicia Kohler recently did with me at the Effinger Coworking Space.

Anicia has the gift of asking relevant questions and listening so well that I felt understood and challenged at the same time when talking to her - in the best way. She is also inspiring to me on many levels, both as a personality and as an artist. The format of her weekly vignettes was the first of many things that have already excited me about her so far.

Click here for the full interview and to see the vignette she composed, "Sunita's Piece". The starting point of her composition was a small recording of my singing that I had sent her:


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