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#56 The third space

❓ Why do I post dance videos on LinkedIn? Because I love my work as a dance creator and this is my hashtag#profession. Even though I rarely earn enough with it, it involves real work, a lot of invested time and a fragile life plan - not free time and leisure.

⚖ It's a big challenge to have enough time for artistic work and at the same time ensure a minimum of financial security. I'm not alone in this.

Fact: In Switzerland, most artists have an additional bread-and-butter job because they earn little or no money from creating art.

I am lucky that my other professions also fulfil me - both my role at Powercoders and my work as an independent DEI facilitator. For me, the interplay of different roles and identities, both professionally and artistically, is something positive and enriching. I like fluid boundaries, new spaces, overlaps and the third something that arises in creative processes.

🌈 Different professions and lifestyles demonstrate diversity. An environment that promotes diversity will support and celebrate my attempt to create art despite all the challenges. I often experience this, but not always. Even more often it is simply tolerated, sometimes not even that.

🤔 When people say to me: "I would also like to spend more time climbing, travelling or with my family. But you have to work more to have enough money", it makes me think. I would like everyone to be able to spend more time doing what is really important to them.

➡ But I would also like the work of artists to be valued and taken seriously not only if they are well-known enough for it or earn their living from it. Because that is the exception. Read more:

🌐 Imagine how sad the world would be without art.


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