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#5 Digital Twin / Part 2

Last week Joana and I continued to work on Laban's eight qualities of movement during the day (see #3 five movements) and we took first shots for the common theme of next week's "art lunch" (see #4 art in coworking).

What you can see

At night we continued working with the projection. We found a new setting that fascinates me. The projection is now only visible on the body, the room remains in darkness. I can choose what I show of myself as a performer, which aspect of the movement I reveal, which I hide. It is an installation of light and body in a kind of black box. When the ceiling light comes on, and Joana's whole body and movement becomes visible for a brief moment, in the next moment of darkness it becomes clear what the projection reveals to me as a spectator about the movement. Or what remains hidden from me when I see "everything".

As I edit the footage together, it strikes me that the video is now not a straightforward continuation of the "digital twin" as perhaps I had hoped. We are still in the phase of "collecting material", and the subject probably rather at - and circling. And that's the right thing to do. Otherwise we'll end up writing a boring script in which the material is subordinated to an idea too early.


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