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#46 Sonnenstille

Two weeks ago, a colleague, Geges Löwl, approached me with an intriguing request: he wanted to capture the essence of movement through his lens, photography.

Our collaborative experiment unfolded in the dance studio over a single afternoon, resulting in a series of snapshots showcasing my movement research. We showed these images a week later, at the Art festival at Effinger Coworking Space, presented as a dynamic, floating installation.

The inspiration for our installation emerged from the tragic tale of Icarus and his father Daedalus, who created them both wings made of feathers and wax to escape captivity on Crete. Ignoring his father's warnings, Icarus flies too high in his exuberance and gets too close to the sun - the wax on his wings melts, and he plunges down into the sea to his death.

The feedback from visitors was heartening, with one attendee expressing their sentiment on a card: "To wax that burns to give the desired light, to wings that carry."

It was a wonderful first collaboration, and hopefully not our last!


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