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#19 Dear Scapulae

Last week I practiced

  • allowing movement to flow continuously, transitions from A to B more important than arriving at A or B

  • creating space in the shoulder blades, finding suspension through the shoulder blades

  • following figure eights and spirals near the spine into the limbs and into the space

  • finding freedom in the swinging leg by focusing on anchoring the supporting leg, finding rich contact from the metatarsus to the ground

Also, I had an irrepressible desire for free improvisation!

After watching two inspiring docu - dance movies (1. Twayla Moves, about choreographer Twayla Tharp, who choreographed among others "Hair", the movie to the musical. 2. on Netflix: the movies that made us, episode: Dirty Dancing.) In improv, I was interested in spontaneously following the impulses of the body, looking for new material, surprising myself, finding groove.


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