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#18 After Greece

Last week Chris and I returned from our magical stay in Greece. This week my dance training started again. On Monday, I participated in an online movement training and on Tuesday I participated in Chris's Profi training. The next two days I went to the dance studio alone and moved in the echoes of those two classes. I repeated some of what I learned and then playfully put it together in improvisation.

In Chris' class, the first part was about training and strengthening the lower body. Thanks to an intelligent support of the lower body the upper body gets more freedom. The joints of the upper body were then articulated in all directions, creating a flow through all these connections. According to Chris, these movements have an uplifting and at the same time healing quality in them. They are connected to the use of the breath and thus have an organic and restorative quality. I love this workout because it brings form, architecture and sculpting of the body together with flow.

This approach (as well as Animal Movement) invites me to approach the ground. Strength and mobility in the lower body comes when I move close above the ground. Where we don't normally visit or stay. In this territory I find my game. The Greek music in the video brought out a new facet of these movements.


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