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#15 ALLday

My everyday life at the moment consists to a large extent of practicing - practicing different qualities and tensions in the body and in the movement. At the same time, keeping the choreographic eye open for material, perspectives, compositional elements. The camera and editing the footage helps me to do that. Here are a few brief glimpses of the last few weeks:


Chaos. Emotional outburst after a rejection. Dancing as resistance and therapy. The reverse playback conveys the state much better.


Effort. Weight shifts close above the floor. I am in a room with a low ceiling and stretch out in it as far as I can. Like a dancing lizard.


My body rests tiredly on the floor, moves leisurely, with no ambition. Rolling, gliding, stroking. Arms and legs flow from the center of the body into space. The floor as the surface of the sea. I catch sight of my twin. A duet with myself.


From the metatarsus to the diaphragm, from the diaphragm to the thumb, from the crown of the head to the coccyx. I find connections, circular paths - inside the body as well as outside the body. Following the roller coasters with the arms out of the diaphragm. Limitation: The feet stay on one spot.


A day in space. That's how I sometimes feel as a non-skier at ski resorts. Especially towards the end of the season. But it also captures a mood that I'm feeling today: alone, drifting, halting...where do we go from here? At the same time, it's a beauty, vastness, openness that attracts me.


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