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# 13 Thirty Minutes

For the common challenge "30 minutes for a mini-project" for this week's interdisciplinary art round, I tried four approaches. 

First attempt

The plan: make a small dance video in 30 min.

5' to choose camera angle

10' to find 5 movements

5' to assemble movements to a mini choreo

5' to evaluate the video

5' to edit the video

Result: It already took me 45' to find alone the camera setting, make costume decisions, and find movement repertoire that could give me interesting material! The choreography wasn't there yet, neither was the film, and I didn't like the video footage - it was too posed. It was a huge time crunch, but very revealing. I liked that determination in me. However, I am unfortunately not trained at all in fast choreography.

Second attempt

Here I proceeded in roughly the same way I work most of the time. I took 75 minutes for a warm up and only then started filming. During 30 minutes I filmed and evaluated alternately, so I had about 15 minutes of video material afterwards.

Result: no talk of 30 minutes "miniprojektli".

Third attempt

I set myself a task for 30 minutes. I let an audio recording play, in which I list different body parts (pelvis, right foot, lower jaw, left thumb etc.), while I moved. the task was to find as many movements as possible initiated by the named body part.

Result: I would need longer for an interesting realization of this...but here's a start (editing the video took separate minutes, of course):

Fourth attempt

Find different ways to walk up and down a path in the garden of our vacation chalet during 15 minutes. That was actually quite funny.

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