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#8 Out of water

Starting next week, I'm continuing the collaboration with my dance partner Nadine Lüthi, with whom I performed at the BeTa Stage Festival last fall. This is the occasion that I finally took the time to organize our recordings from the performance and make a compilation.

Out of water was an excerpt of research by the two of us exploring a fluid, movement language based on gravity. We were interested in the act of walking, standing and tumbling. In doing so, we gave ourselves the brief that the lower and upper body perform different, contradictory tasks, yet are connected by a soft, undulating spine. The description of the piece:

Born from the water - the human being lands vertically on the the earth. Even after many thousand years we are not able to cope with verticality and have to learn anew to walk on the earth, which at the same time heats and dries up under our feet.

The audience sits inside and looks through the glass panes at what is happening outside. There are two performers. As if they were the last survivors of a dystopian future. What is left to them is their body. The act of walking becomes a fluid game, an act of resistance. Step by step they stumble towards an uncertain future.

At the same time, a live concert took place inside the space with experimental electronic music by Pascal Lüthi. The performance contrasted with the simultaneous normality of everyday life in the neighborhood. The coincidences and disturbances were part of the performance and allowed the viewer a newly composed perspective on the everyday reality of this typical Swiss neighborhood.


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