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#47 Shoo-in

I am preparing for my upcoming project: a video shoot featuring a drummer (additional details will be provided soon). Before our collaboration, I aim to familiarize myself with dancing in shoes and experimenting with suspensions and diverse rhythms, all without exerting excessive energy.

Here are the identified "stretching zones" – areas where improvement may be needed:

  • How can I suspend time, instead of having to chase after time, e.g. fast beats?

  • How do I avoid exhaustion and instead harness momentum?

  • How do I establish my own rhythms without doggedly having to follow the drum rhythm? Thereby building a creative tension, a dialogue.

  • How can I maintain my physical integrity when accelerating (specially: how do I not lose my head-torso connection)?

I am looking forward to focussing on these areas in the next sessions.


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