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#39 BallaBalla

Ballaballa means in German: not quite sane, and in Hindi: dance, just dance.

As someone influenced by both Switzerland and India, I am constantly intertwining and negotiating aesthetics, preferences, values, and perspectives. I appreciate that my cultural influences offer rich diversity and broad perspectives, but they are also fraught with conflict and ambiguity: cultural clashes, divergent values, and expectations. It's been a delicate balancing act, learning not to pit my identities against each other, but to appreciate their inherent complexity.

This is one of my attempts to integrate my Indian dance heritage (Kathak & Bollywood) into my contemporary dance practice. It's a fine line, I don't want to quote Indian Mudras or other fix forms or elements of the Indian Dance tradition, I want to let it in as it lives in me - not quite Indian, not quite European. I find joy in not taking it too seriously and playing around with all kinds of video effects.


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