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#29 Spinal Engine

Cowgirl taking her first spring ride on the dance floor.

I am practicing a fluid dance of the bones: mobilizing the two pelvic halves, walking on my sit bones, playing my ribs like an accordion, letting the legs stay passive and be moved by the pelvic motions.

The "spinal engine" is a concept proposed by Serge Gracovetsky, a biomechanic and author of the book "The Spinal Engine". He discovered that the human spine acts as a sort of engine that helps us walk and run efficiently. As we walk or run, the spine alternates between flexing and extending, allowing us to generate and transfer energy from the hips to the legs. The spine serves as a dynamic system of levers and pulleys that convert the rotational motion of the hips into the linear motion of the legs.

So the walking gait is generated by the spine, and not the legs! The legs transport us, but it's the dance of the spine and the pelvis that takes the legs for a ride.

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