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#58 Vakuum

Today I was in the Vakuum for the first time - a non-commercial (=free to use) dance and movement space; birthplace of countless dance and theater productions (e.g. Theater der Heitere Fahne, Sofariots, Pleas F*ck me,...); space for workshops and cultural events; used by over 130 organizers and several thousand users annually (source:

This beautiful room is in Anstadt, the squatted area behind Gaskessel, Bern. I'd never been there before. The gate to the area was open, as was the door to the dance room. The moving leaves on the trees cast dancing shadows on the floor, everything around me was shimmering green, bright, lots of windows and wood, I could hear nothing but birdsong, the space was clean, atmospheric and well organized. I was completely enchanted. Thank you for all those who worked to create this open space.

Read more about Anstadt here:


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