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#57 skinning

Unhealthy family dynamics and feelings of failure sometimes stick pretty stubbornly. In the studio, this is also turned into pleasurable material: everywhere I go, I am allowed to guess my way, meander through, conquer space, morph, melt, shed my skin.

Many of us who have chosen unconventional ways of life are met with incomprehension, especially in circles where traditional values are paramount. In many cultures, a successful life is valued primarily through family and financial success.

I choose my creative work over security and resist the attitude that this choice simply entails financial worries - which, as an artist, it foolishly does. This is a systemic mistake, not primarily a personal failure. If you want to know more:

Of course, resisting this doesn't do much for me personally. I therefore regularly reflect and focus on two questions: 1. if I were to die tomorrow, what would I regret the most? 2. if I were to die in 30 years, what would I regret most? The answer so far has never been: That I didn't spend more time earning money.


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